A Brief Introduction to Hormone Replacement Therapy

With a growing number of baby boomers, Anti-Aging medicine has become a popular health field in recent years. Within this field, one of the fastest growing solutions is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). You’ve probably heard people talking about it, read about it on the Internet, or maybe you’ve talked with a medical professional about it. But you might be asking yourself, what exactly is Hormone Replacement Therapy and why has it become so popular?

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a natural solution to balancing hormone levels within the body. Many forms of HRT are bioidentical, meaning that they mimic the hormones that are already produced in the body and gradually increase these levels. Generally, HRT is not a synthetic solution but rather a safe way to optimize a person’s hormones and help them relieve common aging symptoms.

Initially, HRT was simply used as an approach to treating menopause symptoms in female patients. However, due to the wide range of health benefits and popularity in the Anti-Aging field, this solution has extended itself to be a common approach for resolving male menopause symptoms as well. 

How is Hormone Replacement Therapy Administered? 

There are many forms of HRT available to patients: injectables, pellets, creams, gels, patches, oral, and more. Along with different forms of Hormone Replacement Therapy, there is a wide range of medications that can be used in an HRT program: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, anastrozole, clomiphene, tamoxifen, and more.

Generally, testosterone is at the core of Hormone Replacement Therapy because of the key role it plays in regulating sex drive, metabolism, sleep patterns, cognition, and other functions in the body. However, complementary medications like anastrozole or estrogen can be helpful when it comes to maintaining specific hormone levels within the body, which in turn reduces the likelihood of side effects. 

Who Can Benefit From Hormone Replacement Therapy?

A hormone imbalance can happen to anyone and it can be caused by aging, increased stress, poor health habits, endocrine issues, etc. Usually, females are a likely candidate for HRT when they are close to menopause or in the midst of menopause. Females will generally complain of vaginal dryness, low sex drive, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and other uncomfortable symptoms that are indicative of a hormone imbalance. 

Males, on the other hand, can become a candidate for HRT much sooner than females and do not have to necessarily reach andropause before experiencing aging symptoms. Men will generally complain of low sex drive, muscle loss, mental fog, weight gain, daily fatigue, and more. In order to determine if someone can benefit from HRT, usually a physician will order a blood draw, evaluate the lab results, and have an informative consultation to determine the best course of action.

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

There are many health benefits to starting a Hormone Replacement Therapy program. In general, patients experience benefits such as more energy, muscle growth, hot flash relief, heightened focus, increased sex drive, and more. 

Along with these health benefits, studies have also shown that Hormone Replacement Therapy can improve a patient’s digestive system, lessen their risk of stroke or other heart complications, and reduce the likelihood of conditions such as osteoporosis or bone decomposition.

Are There Solutions Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Although Hormone Replacement Therapy is the widely accepted approach to relieving aging symptoms, there are other medications that have become increasingly popular in the Anti-Aging field—many of these can be used alongside a traditional HRT program.

One example is peptides. Some peptides stimulate Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which has a crucial role in muscle growth, metabolism, fluid regulation, and weight management. Other peptides can assist with collagen production or gastrointestinal health.

Along with peptides, vitamin and amino acid blends such as B12 or MIC have become popular because they can assist with weight management while also providing that extra energy boost that most older adults need to function throughout the day. 

Whether Hormone Replacement Therapy medications are used alone, or combined with Anti-Aging upgrades like peptides or injectable vitamins, this solution can help men & women reclaim their health and feel younger again. 

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